Your questions, Mike’s Answers – Podcast Cover Art and iTunes SEO – PHD-021

Recovered from the great basement flood 🙂

Q: My podcast artwork doesn’t show properly in iTunes / Stitcher / whatever other podcatcher

A: There are 3 places in your feed that the image needs to be.

1. Is in the mp3 files itself. A image bigger than 600 x 600 needs to be in the iD3 tags of EACH of your podcast mp3’s. I do this using iTunes on my computer by dragging the mp3 into a playlist I called “edit” and then I right click on the mp3 in itunes and select “Get Info”
In there is some tabs. In the Artwork tab you can upload your image there. Also fill out the “info” tab while you are in there.

2. RSS2 image – 144 x 144 px image (or larger) I just use the same 1400 x 1400 image for all 3 items. Saves time 🙂
Your Podcast Title

3. iTunes image – 1400 x1400 px, RGB jpg or png (I recommend JPG for file size) and under 500mb.

If you use Powerpress with wordpress (Like I recommend) you can just fill out the “Feeds, iTunes and the Artwork tab in powerpress settings. (Have your image or images ready)

As always, give iTunes (especially) at LEAST 3 days to update and it can take longer (like 3 WEEKS!!).

Along a similar line:

Q: How do I force iTunes into updating my image. I changed my image over 7 weeks ago.

A: Well, as I say over and over, you don’t force Apple (iTunes) to do anything. What you can do is trick it into thinking you have a new image. Do this by changing the name of the images in your feed. This will sort of force iTunes into updating your image.

Q: Where do I find someone to make my Podcast Artwork?

A: What I use is It costs $5 for someone to make your image. You might have to spend $5 a few times, but it’s much cheaper than hiring an artist to do it for you. I’ve had great luck with fiverr for images and intro voiceovers.

Q: I can’t find my podcast in iTunes by searching for my keywords.

A: iTunes SEO (thats what I call it) is much the same as Google except iTunes seems to (and nobody outside of Apple knows for sure) also weigh the search results by how popular your podcast is (how many subscribers and reviews you have). It’s not an exact science and it’s competitive. It also take a LONG LONG time to show any improvement.

Last one for this week, Q: Do I need to have my post “published” before I submit my feed to iTunes?

A: Duh! (this is why I don’t use names often in my Q and A’s ) 🙂 Yes, for a podcast feed to be valid, you MUST have published at least one episode.
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