Year in Review – Predictions for 2016 for Podcasting – PHD071

Predictions from Last year:

Second Podcast movement – Less “Entrepreneur” focused – SORT OF
NMX/NAB – Best podcast event ever! – Was good, but the best? Might have been the last one 🙁

I will release “The NO BS Guide to Podcasting” in March and it will reach #1 on Amazon for Podcasting. (yes, bold and wishful thinking!) – BONK! nope…

I will Produce 50 episodes of Podcast Help Desk in 2015. (Leaving myself room to skip a couple but maybe even 52) – Nope… 37
This will be the year of the Story-telling podcast copy-cat. Like 2014 was the year of the Entrepreneur podcast. – Sort of
At least one popular Entrepreneur podcast will pod-fade (likely 100’s of copy-cats as well) – Several have pod faded, not sure about any major ones
Soundcloud will be sold and their Podcasting “Beta” program will be turned off. – Not yet, but we still have a few days left in 2015
Google will announce that Feedburner is going away in 2016 – not yet
Google will announce a Podcast listening app and directory for Android. (Crossing my fingers) – DING DING DING! Google Play
At least one “podcasting company” will shut down unexpectedly. (Not much of a stretch because it happens at least once every year) – We have had several shut down
In April, I will celebrate my 10 year anniversary in podcasting (Not sure of exact date) – Ding ding ding ( April 2015 was my 10 year anniversary in podcasting)

Predictions for 2016 in Podcasting

Soundcloud will no longer be a podcast media host
There will be at least one new podcast media host
There will be at least one new podcast media host go out of business
I will release “The NO BS Guide to Podcasting”. No Really…. I am going to finish it 🙂
Feedburner will still exist all year long.
Podcast Movement will be a big success. (no brainer)
Blab will start charging “something” for service or will start some sort of advertising. (Not talked about in the show)
A major player in the podcasting space (company) will change names / rebrand.
There will be a major Movie announced that features podcasting in the central plot. (not a documentary or independent film)
Howard Stern will still hate podcasting.

Blubrry Tip / News
Personal Goals this year.

Finish the book
Continue to improve Podcast Help Desk and Geek of the North
Figure out how to get more feedback on the show.

Links from the show:
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