WordPress is unreliable as a podcast RSS feed generator – BULL$#!+ !

BULL$#!+ !
WordPress, at last check, controlled 25% of the web pages out there.  No other single CMS platform comes close. WordPress is the base for (I’m using an educated guess here) about ¼ of the active podcasts.  That would be around 100,000 out of 400,000ish shows.

I am responsible for fielding emails, phone calls and social media questions about the #1 podcasting plugin for WordPress (PowerPress) with somewhere close to 75K active users. (I’m the customer support manager for the maker of PowerPress, Blubrry Podcasting) If WordPress feeds “are a nightmare” as some say, I would be a lot busier than I am.

They will use the argument “Most of the Apple Podcasts Support forum questions are about WordPress feeds”  Well, 2 things about that:

1. With ¼ of the active feeds coming from WordPress, you are going to have more questions about it.
2. If you buy a Ford car, do you go to the Chevy dealer to get it fixed?  NO. So why go to Apple if you are having trouble with WordPress? Come to WordPress.org or your Plugin developer’s support site.

Another argument…  “There are so many ways to mess up a feed from WordPress”.  Sure, but there are just as many ways to screw up an RSS feed from ANY Platform.   If that wasn’t true, then why do most of the “all in one” podcast companies have a support department?  All I’m saying is ANY system can be messed up. WordPress isn’t any different. Just have to be careful about what you do to your site.  It’s YOUR site, so learn a bit about what you are doing and you will be fine.

I just do not want you to fall for the “WordPress sucks for podcasting” BS that you will see out there on Social Media by people that want to control YOUR RSS feed.  (for whatever reason) You, being in control of YOUR website, YOUR feed and YOUR brand is always preferred if you are taking Podcasting at all seriously.