Why do we podcast? – PHD056

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News: Podcast Movement and the Academy of Podcasters Awards are going this weekend in Ft. Worth Texas. Mackenzie and Todd from Blubrry are there to tell everyone about Blubrry’s new stuff. I will go through that a bit later in the show. If you are there, or went, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it this year. Hope to make it in the future. I will be at NMX/NAB in April of next year.


Why do I podcast? (And why you might want to)

Several reasons people do podcasts….

To tell the world what you want to say.
To promote a business
To entertain
To play with audio gear (yes, there are some that love to play around with this stuff)
To make Money $$ (well $)
To become an expert in something
Because they got fired from Radio

The reason I do podcasts.

It’s fun
I like to help others learn new things and I learn just as much by teaching
I meet lots of people because of my podcasts
I like to play with the gear.

Reasons people give for NOT podcasting

It takes time
It’s expensive
They don’t like the sound of their own voice
Mic Fright
Too Geeky


Blubrry introduces Powerpress Sites – http://turnkeypodcasting.com

Blubrry also (by the time you listen to this) will have Subscribe by Email in powerpress

Blubrry directory expanding / being redesigned


Ask me a question! With the dog days of podcasting here this summer, the questions have slowed down. Get them in now while I have time to get them into the show.

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