When Free isn’t really Free – Free podcast services. – PTC005

“Free” podcasting services

Free podcasting. Is there such a thing? Well, in a word…. Yes… BUT!!!! Not really…

Over the years since podcasting started, there were several “free” podcast hosting and total solution podcasting services that have come and gone.

Today, there are some services out there that are “free” podcasting sites. They do it all for you. You either upload a podcast that you record or you record right on the phone. Some of them even let you take callers and live stream. Sounds cool doesn’t it? Well, it is sort of. The problem with all of these services is that they OWN your content. It’s hosted on their website, they host the RSS, they put in the the iTunes listing for you. If you are not a paid member they even put ads in your content for you (and you don’t get paid). On top of that, the sound quality stinks! There isn’t a better way to say that…


In reality, it doesn’t cost too much start out right. Instead of starting out on a free service and then realizing you want to stick with podcasting and having to go though a big pain in the rear to switch.

The same can be said for paid services. Some of them will hold your feed captive. What I mean is they will have your feed submitted to iTunes (and other directories) and when you quit paying them, not only do all of your episodes go away but your feed goes away. They will not redirect it to another feed so your subscribers are just left hanging and you have no way to tell them the new feed.

Services like Blubrry.com and Libsyn.com can do everything for you and if you want to change later, they will put in a redirect for you. Places like podbean will not.

This week’s question comes from someone with the problem we have been talking about.

Q: “My podcast is hosted on Podbean and I want to move to blubrry.com and my own wordpress site. How do I keep my subscribers?

IF the service you are on will do a redirect, have them redirect your RSS feed to your new feed once you get it setup on wordpress.
In this case, because I know that podbean will NOT redirect and since you haven’t made the move yet, we can save *most* of your subscribers. Or at least the ones that are really engaged with your show.

1. DON’T Cancel your podbean account yet.
2. Get your wordpress / powerpress site setup and your blubrry hosting setup.
3. Post your show in BOTH places but in the version you put on Podbean, put an announcement in the beginning and at the end that says the show has moved and after X date, you will no longer get new episodes on this feed. If you are hearing this announcement you need to re-subscribe at (give website address) *** Make sure you have a big SUBSCRIBE message at the top of your page for the people that come over from hearing your podbean episode.
4. Post in both places for at least 4 episodes (or 1 month)
5. Submit the new feed to itunes and other directories using a slightly different title and description
6. After itunes accepts your new show listing, go in and change the title and description of your new listing and click on “report a concern” and select Out of date on your OLD show listing.
7. Delete your podbean account.

It will take several weeks or even months, but at some point, itunes will delete the old listing and you will be free of podbean. (or whatever other captive service you were on)

There are free “podcasting” type things that I like to compare like blogs are to twitter, these services are like twitter for podcasting. Kind of a social micro-podcasting thing.

These are AudioBoo and iPadio. These are kind of an addition to your podcast if you choose to do it and shouldn’t be your MAIN podcast.

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