The Good, Bad and Ugly of Podcasts Connect at Apple – phd082

Apple introduced a new way to manage your Podcasts on iTunes. Access the site here:

I go over what you should use it for and what you should NOT use it for.

The Good:

– Submit your podcast to the iTunes podcasts directory via the web rather than the iTunes desktop app
– Ability to change the feed address that iTunes pulls to your LISTING (listing only, see below)
– Another vaildator for podcast feeds

The Bad:

– Ability to really mess up your listing
– Must have an Apple ID to use (including a credit card on file with Apple)
– The “mirror” feed URL is mostly useless and in my opinion, should not be used. Will cause confusion.

The Ugly:

– If someone else submitted your podcast, you can not move it to your Apple ID (yet)
– Changing the RSS feed has no effect on your subscribers. Still need to do a 301 redirect from your old feed to the new feed to get your subscribers to move to the new feed.

Just remember, iTunes is important, but it’s not “podcasting”. At most, it’s 50% of most podcaster’s audience (some more some less). Don’t just rely on iTunes. Be everywhere.