RSS feeds are like a bag of Flour – PHD044


Update your Yoast plugin (if you use it).

iTunes down: Having Issues
March 11th

Goes to prove that even the mighty Apple is run by humans and computers which are subject to “issues”.

From Todd Cochrane, of Geek News Central and the CEO of RawVoice Inc.

“Hey bit of a heads up!
I hope this is an isolated incident. Every podcaster should go over to YouTube and search for their show. It seems in at least one instance, someone went to the trouble and made a channel for a podcast, and then uploaded all the episodes. They used album art from the podcast and monetized the channel.
The podcast host did not authorize this, nor does he have access to the YouTube account. This looks as if a bot did it. Please spot check and make sure there is not some rogue element out their doing this.


Question from John Morgan: (Answered from the car)
Question: How did you post process the audio of you podcasting while driving and make it sound good?

Answer: I’m just that good 🙂 (Listen for the REAL answer)


A voice comment from MR. Jim Farley from

I will be Guest Co-hosting and reading the news on Omlette and Friends on March 24th from 6-10am EDT on 97.5 FM / 98.9FM in Northern Michigan or on the web at (or Tunein Radio, search for WKLT)


Want to get in the Microsoft Podcasting App? (and whatever else they are doing?)

From Microsoft:

Thank you for your interest in podcasts. We are no longer supporting an active database of podcast feeds for Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8.0 or Zune. Please see the instructions below for enabling podcast discovery in Bing.

Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone 8.1 uses a Bing-enabled search mechanism to locate podcasts. To improve the search results of your podcast, add “feed:podcast” to your keywords tag within the RSS podcasts feed. Podcasts can also be located by entering the RSS feed directly into the podcast app search window.

Improve Bing-Enabled Podcast Search Results By using Webmaster Tools, you can tell Bing about your site. In return, Bing Webmaster Tools tells you how well your site is performing in Bing and Bing-powered search and keeps you up to date about issues we see on your site.

To inform us about sitemaps or RSS feeds, including those containing podcasts, follow these steps:

1. If you haven’t done so already, sign up with Bing Webmaster Tools.
2. Add the site that hosts the Podcast RSS/feed and verify ownership of the site.
3. Use the Submit Sitemap tool and submit the full URL of the RSS feed containing the links to your podcasts.

Within a few hours, you’ll see whether Bing successfully downloaded your sitemap or feed so that it can be indexed.

Another reason to
A. Put an RSS link on your website

B. Not use feedburner feeds, libsyn feeds or any other feed that doesn’t have your domain name in it or is on a site you don’t own. Your podcast will likely not be in Bing/Microsoft’s platforms. To be fair, I think Libsyn does have an agreement with Microsoft to include it’s shows in the microsoft podcast app (whatever it’s called)


I get this question a lot.

Q: Why does my iTunes listing look this way? This goes for Stitcher, Windows Podcast App (Still not sure what it’s called), Downcast or any other directory. The truth is, there isn’t a way to control how someone uses your RSS feed in their app.

Think of your RSS feed like a baker looks at a bag of Flour

iTunes makes cookies, Stitcher makes bread (and we don’t even get to pick the kind of bread!) and the rest make whatever they want with your Flour. It’s your job to make sure all the sprinkles, seasonings and other things are in the flour, but what everyone bakes out of it, is up to them. That’s why I say use Powerpress with WordPress.