Review, Stats and Predictions for the New Year – PHD035

2014 – Year in podcasting

PCN Relaunches as a Podcast news site (March)

iTunes surpasses 1 Billion (1,000,000,000) Podcast subscriptions (July)

Adam Carolla settles the Patent troll suit against him. (August)

NMX Announces move to April in Vegas along with NAB (August)

1st Podcast Movement (August) in Dallas

Podcast Awards sold to NMX (September)

Serial / Startup / Gimlet Media (September)

Stitcher bought by Deezer (October)

Dave Jackson named Head of Podcasting Track at NMX (October)

– In the US 15% of the population has consumed a podcast in the last month
– 67% of podcast listeners don’t mind ads compared to only 6% liking advertising in television or radio.
– The percentage of Americans who have ever watched or listened to a podcast is 45% this is around 70 million potential listeners in the US only.
– The podcast audience used to be “early adopters” and now are just “normal” people. Not Super Geeks
– Podcast listeners/viewers continue to prefer consuming content at their desktop, not on dedicated media players, but mobile phone media consumption is surging.
– Two-thirds of podcast consumers have listened to digital audio files in their vehicles by connecting a mobile device (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, tablet or ipod) to their car audio system.
– On September 28th, 2004 Doc Searls found 24 “hits” on the word “Podcasts” in Google. Today it’s About 130,000,000 (!)

2015 – Predictions for podcasting in 2015

Second Podcast movement – Less “Entrepreneur” focused

NMX/NAB – Best podcast event ever!

I will release “The NO BS Guide to Podcasting” in March and it will reach #1 on Amazon for Podcasting. (yes, bold and wishful thinking!)

I will Produce 50 episodes of Podcast Help Desk in 2015. (Leaving myself room to skip a couple but maybe even 52)

This will be the year of the Story-telling podcast copy-cat. Like 2014 was the year of the Entrepreneur podcast.

At least one popular Entrepreneur podcast will pod-fade (likely 100’s of copy-cats as well)

Soundcloud will be sold and their Podcasting “Beta” program will be turned off.

Google will announce that Feedburner is going away in 2016

Google will announce a Podcast listening app and directory for Android. (Crossing my fingers)

At least one “podcasting company” will shut down unexpectedly. (Not much of a stretch because it happens at least once every year)

In April, I will celebrate my 10 year anniversary in podcasting (Not sure of exact date)


Tim of asked about if he should have his podcast run from his main website or should he set it up on another website.


Microphone and Mixer give-away.

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