Record Your First Episode – PTC001

Today I’m going to talk about getting your first episode recorded. What steps you have to do to make your first episode a good one.

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8 Steps to make your first episode a good one.

1. Get your mic, mixer, software and everything setup in advance. (Show zero anyone?)

2 Relax! You can re-record as many times as it takes and you can edit if you want. This is not like Radio or TV. Don’t be nervous.

3. Have your subject outlined. If it’s a free form podcast, have at least and idea of what you are going to talk about.

4. Make sure you press “Record” and test out the audio levels before you commit to recording the whole episode.

5. Set your environment. Quiet, phone off, dogs fed and happy. It’s a lot easier to NOT have to “fix it in post”. The best way to record is get it right the first time. (or the final time)

6. Don’t be overly picky either. As long as the audio is decent quality and you don’t sound like you’re nervous, put it out there. Everyone’s first episode sucks when compared to their 20th episode.

7. LISTEN to your recording. Make sure something didn’t go wrong before you publish.

8. Have Fun! That is what this is all about. If it’s not fun, you won’t continue to to do it.

Next week, I’m going to tell you what steps I use to get my wordpress site up and running (just like What plugins you will want, a little about themes and what plugins you don’t want.

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