Rebranding Your Podcast – PHD013

This is show # 13 for April 1st, 2014… No Joke!

This is the first “rebranded” show, now called Podcast Help Desk.

Today I’m going to tell you how I rebranded this show including the website address, RSS feed, iTunes listing and everything. Step by step.

First thing I did is get the new domain name. I use Godaddy to get my domains and host my websites, but you can do this part using any registrar and host I’m sure. I had going for a year or so and wordpress, powerpress and all my other plugins were installed and configured. Instead of starting from scratch, I decided I would just re-use the site I had and re-name it.

Once I got the domain name, I went into the hosting part of godaddy and pointed the new domain name to the same directory as At this point you could have typed “’ or “” and you would get to the same place. (once the change propagates) It’s called domain forwarding in most hosting control panels.

The next step I did was to install a plugin called “Static Feed”. I configured it to take my powerpress feed (/feed/podcast/) and make it an xml file called Podcast.xml and put it in the root directory.

I then made a 301 redirect in my .htacess file. Example below:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^feed/podcast/ [L,R=301]

What this does is make sure that if anyone hits the old feed which was, it forwards it to the new feed at podcast help desk. It also tells iTunes and anyone subscribed in other programs, that the feed is changed permanently and to change where they look for new episodes.

Stitcher is a bit different. If your show is listed on stitcher, you need to go in and manually tell it about the change. Just login to your partner account and edit your listing. It’s not too hard.

Blubrry and Tech Podcast Network. Both of these will pick up the change sooner or later, but I would (and did) go in and update it manually.

In my case, it took iTunes just 1 day to pick up the change. Your mileage may vary with itunes. I’ve seen them take up to 3 weeks to pickup a 301 redirect. I suppose they are getting better.

After all that I went in and did the rest of the rebranding on the website. Changed the title, tagline graphics and colors. This would also be a good time to change the theme in wordpress if you wanted. But be careful! Some themes do not play well with podcasting so be prepared to check things out before pressing on.

Other things to think about is if your show has Twitter and facebook accounts. You will want to start new ones or rename the ones you have. Since this show isn’t really about social media, I will leave that one up to you.

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Tip of the week:

This is more for listeners than for podcast producers. I’m sure most of you are listeners as well.

Say you want to get a list of all the podcast feeds you listen to so you can subscribe on a new device or new podcast catching program. If you are using iTunes, just go to the podcasts area on your computer and right click on the title and select “Copy Podcast URL”. Then you can paste it into a doc or into your other program. If you want to get them all in an OPML format (Which most podcast catchers can use) Go to the View menu and make sure you have the sidebar on. Once it’s on, right click on the word “podcasts” in the sidebar and click export. Then choose the format of the file you want. Save that to wherever you would like and you can email it to yourself so you can put it on your iphone, ipad, android tablet or phone. The OPML works with most podcast apps including the Apple P…