Ray Ortega from Podcasters’ Studio – PHD059


Stephen Dubner from Freekanomics Radio starts a new daily podcast called “Question of the day”

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#1 tip for podcasting.


Fully listen to your podcast BEFORE you hit publish.

As you my notice, last week’s episode was marked “Repost”. this is because I hit publish before I had listened though the podcast. Steve Lee (my boss at the Modern Life Network) emailed me that there was a problem with my file at the 12 minute mark. I was listening at the time and got to 11:30 in the podcast. Sure enough, at 12 minutes, a segment from the last episode got mixed in with the new episode. Oops.. My bad.


Blab.im – Great fun and maybe useful! I will be doing “Blabs” on there about podcasting at various times. Watch @mgdell or @podcasthelpdesk for times and links

Blubrry Tip of the week

MASSIVE update to the look and feel of the blubrry.com website. Now to include the backend. All the stuff is there, but moved around in (what we hope is) a much better layout.

Cathy, Our Social media goddess at blubrry posted this article that the whole team worked on.

Why TO use your wordpress feed for podcasting


Interview with Ray Ortega from The Podcasters’ Studio and Podcasters’ Roundtable


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International Podcast Day September 30th.

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