Pros and Cons of Joining a Podcast Network – PHD050


Midroll – 7 Reasons why podcast ads are effective

Spotify adding podcasts

Episode Artwork??

Podcatchers (iTunes, Podcasts App, Downcast and so on) all use different parts of the feed or the ID3 tags for different things.

What the apps do with it once they get the rss feed is totally up to them.

Think of your RSS feed as your transmitter for your radio station. You can have your transmitter to broadcast stereo in hi fi. BUT, if your listener decides to listen to your broadcast on a pocket radio with a 2 inch speaker, they are not going to hear it in hi fi. You have no control over that. You just have to make sure your feed (Transmitter) is tuned up the way you want it to be, with all the artwork, tags and such and what the podcatchers (Radios) do with it is really out of your control.


Feedburner AGAIN?

I’ve had a rush of clients with feedburner issues.

Cliff Ravenscraft – The Podcast Answer Man Still recommends feedburner
John Lee Dumas – Recommends using a libsyn feed (better than feedburner!)


Pros and Cons of Joining a Podcast Network


A group of podcasters coming together for a common cause
Cross Promotion opportunity
A group of content creators to bounce ideas off of
Distribution opportunities
Another point of presence
Possible Add deals
Website and Hosting provided by the network

Creative control (Rules)
Personality conflicts
Ad deals


Podcast Help Desk is joining the Modern Life Podcast Network –

My friends Steve and Dave Lee, formerly of Netcast Studio, have re-branded their network and invited me to join them at the all new Modern Life Podcast Network.

See the Show listing at MLN here: