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Slate: Ten Years in your Ears – Special Podcast issue


Mobile Podcasting Revisited

John Morgan from letstalkmetaldetectingandtreasurehunting.com sent in a voicemail question to the new Voicemail hotine:

I use (currently) a Roland R-05 recorder with an XLR to 3.5mm stereo cable from a Audio-Technica atr2100 mic. The trick I learned is to turn the gain WAY down when recording and get right up on the mic. This keeps the background sounds down a bit. Then in post-production, I boost up the volume using Audition after applying a bit of compression (not too much) and leave the background noise as it is. A little isn’t bad. There is not really a good way to remove it without making the audio sound un-natural.


Complicated website?

Here is an alternate way to do it.

Install a second wordpress install on a subdomain or a folder on your domain. Setup as a simple site with no crazy formatting. (2014 works great) You use this wordpress install to generate your feed and then use the embed code to put the player in your much more complicated website. That way you can do whatever you want to the main site. You don’t even have to have it in wordpress, and it will have no effect on the RSS feed.


Microphone and Mixer give-away.

I’m giving away a http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/XM8500.aspx Behringer XM8500 dynamic Mic (brand new) and a slightly used Behringer UB502 Mixer (plus mic cable and computer hookup cable) http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/UB502.aspx to a lucky listener. (US/Canadian Listeners only) I will also throw in an Hour of Consulting (via Go-to-Meeting) to help you get started.

The ways to enter are simple.

Sign up for the newsletter mailing list (no spam) found on the sidebar of PodcastHelpDesk.com
Send in a voicemail comment either by dialing 231-421-4490 (either a question or comment for use on the show) or use the send voicemail tab on the site or email (either audio or text) to podcasthelpdesk@gmail.com with a question for the show.
Send me an email telling me about your show and a little about yourself

You will get 1 entry for each thing you do above (limit 3 entries per person)

I will use a randomizer site to pick the winner on January 19th 2015. Deadline to enter is January 15th 2015.


Powerpress 6 is out!

I’ve been running powerpress 6 beta for a month or two on Podcast Help Desk. now it’s out for the masses!

There are a few really cool features to set up once you upgrade.

Subscribe Sidebar Widget – You will find a new widget in your widget area of the appearance settings in wordpress. This makes it easy to find your RSS feed, itunes and a link to your new…..
… Subscribe page. Powerpress will generate a subscribe page for you now. All you have to do is start a new page and then put the page ID in the powerpress settings, under the Media Appearance tab and it will populate a page for you.
Playlist shortcode. This will list your last xx (where xx is, it whatever number of episodes you want) episodes in a playlist. Very cool!
Podcast SEO

See the announcement here: http://www.powerpresspodcast.com


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