Podcasts App problems, Feed Size Problems, Soundcloud for podcasting and a Cheap mic shootout – PHD-023

Apple’s “Podcasts” app on IOS crashed for almost everyone yesterday.

Apple is going to be making the PODCASTS app, one of the default aps in IOS8! Good news for podcasters!

Soundcloud for podcasting

Why you shouldn’t use Soundcloud (or any other proprietary service) as your only point of presence for your podcast.

it’s in beta (after 3 years?!?!) I don’t trust beta.

It costs some money and it’s limited on the TOTAL uploads, not monthly like other services (like blubrry or libsyn)

They mess with your file. What you upload is not exactly what your listeners will download. (even if it is just a filename change)

If you use their RSS feed, you will have trouble keeping YOUR audience when you decide to leave.

One cool thing they do have is the player, but I’m guessing there will be players like that coming out for other services / systems soon.

Q: My latest podcast episode is not listed on iTunes and it’s been a week. What’s going on?

A: In the case of this questioner, it was their feed size was too big.

Here are some ways to make the feed size smaller:
1. Reduce the number of episodes in the feed
2. Write less text in your posts for podcast episodes
3. In powerpress, turn on “Feed maximizer”

I know most people want to have EVERY episode in the feed, but in most cases it’s not needed.

Q: If I’m going to add a digital recorder to my audio chain, why not use one of the cheap recorders like the Zoom H1 for $99?

A: There is no reason not to use the h1. But, look at the recorder specs of any other cheap recorders and make sure it has 2 things.
1. Line level input
2. Records in Stereo in .wav format (uncompressed)
Recording to mp3 can cause quality problems. Even on the more expensive recorders. The Zoom H1 would be a great little studio recorder for backup or even the main recording.

R-05 for $199

Q: What is the best Microphone for me?

A: I get this one a LOT! It depends on your voice, your studio, your budget and your preferences. We talk about this a lot and we podcasters (most of us) are gear heads. If your budget allows, try a bunch of mics.. you can always trade, sell them later.

I’m going to test 2 inexpensive mics here. You tell me if you think it was worth the $300 for my PR40 (other than it looks really cool).

The first one I’m going to test is the $59.99 ATR2100 from Audio-Technica

The other one is even cheaper!

The $24.99 Behringer XM8500  The cheap mic 🙂   Love it anyway.

As you can see, you can go as cheap or as expensive as you need and still do a great job of podcasting with good audio.. No excuses for crappy audio 🙂

Heil PR40 – $327.00 – my Old standby
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