Podcasting or Casturbating ? – PHD038

Podcasting news:

Sarah Koenig from Serial will be the closing Keynote for Podcast Moment in Texas this summer

Dennis Miller and Emily Morse to host the podcast awards 2015 – http://www.blogworld.com/2015/01/21/dennis-miller-emily-morse-to-host-the-10th-annual-podcast-awards-at-nmx/

Podcast Awards are open for Nominations – http://podcastawards.com/

NPR’s new Podcast Directory – http://www.npr.org/podcasts/


Comment from Lester

Listened to show number 37 today and I want to comment on the controversy about the RSS button. YES! You need that button! Not all of us use Itunes and I use the rss to subscribe. Without a button it is hard to find your feed and the podcasters that don’t have it; I tend to move on to other podcasts just because they make it hard for me to subscribe to them.

I Agree!

Question from Abner (Audio Feedback)

Abner had GREAT audio quality whatever he was using!


Casterbation – (Coined by Dave Jackson January 2015)
Casturbation Defined:
1. Verb: Producing content with no real value for your audience. To record for the sake of hearing one’s own voice. To record for the sake of keeping with a self-inflicted schedule.
2. Verb: Participating in activities that provide no real value to your podcast.
See the article at: http://davidjackson.org/2015/01/casturbation/


Blubrry Tip of the week

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Request migration
Wait for migration to complete (might take a long time depending)
Update the site with with just one click


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