Separate Blog Posts and Podcast Posts – PHD112


Do you want to separate your blog posts from your podcast posts on your website?   It might be a bad idea.

First – How to do it if you really really want to in WordPress

  1. Create a category for the podcast.  DO NOT USE “podcast” as a category.
  2. Enable Category Podcasting in PowerPress Settings (at the bottom of each setting page)
  3. In the Category Podcasting menu (found under PowerPress in the sidebar) tick the box that says “Strict Categories” Save settings.
  4. Back in the category podcasting menu,  Add Podcast Settings to your Category
  5. All your podcast related settings go in the category podcasting settings for that category NOT the main PowerPress settings.
  6. Once that is all set up, make a blog post. Select the category for your podcast in the right sidebar AND in the podcast episode box.  The podcast episode box category setting is for the RSS feed and the sidebar is for the website.  You must do BOTH.
  7. In the Appearance > menus menu, add your podcast category (not called podcast I hope) to the menu where you want it.
  8. Categorize your blog posts in a single category and add that category to the menu as well.

There is one more way to do it explained in the Podcast called Post Types.  I don’t recommend that method.

Why you do not want to do separate blog posts from your podcast posts

People that want to listen to your podcast, and show up on your website, wouldn’t they want to maybe read your blog posts (without clicking another menu)?   Wouldn’t people that read your blog want to listen to your podcast?   Why go through all the BS separating them?


The Technical Side of Podcast Promotion – PHD111


1. Never Promote something you do not own.   Send people to your website and then give them all the choices you can reasonably.

  1. Apple 🍎
  2. Google Podcasts
 (notice I didn’t say Google PLAY‽) 💻
  3. RSS
  4. Tunein
  5. Spotify
  6. Android
  7. Stitcher

2. Having your RSS feed come from your website with YOUR domain in it will help you in Google search.

3. “Write your show notes for Google Search.  Make your show audio for your listeners.” – Todd Cochrane 🚒

4. Don’t try to game the system.  The more you try to game the system, the more likely it is you will get removed from some directories for whatever rule violation.  Just make good content and repeat often. There is no shortcut.

5. Ratings and reviews DO NOTHING to promote your show.  Period.

6. Being in the top XX list on Apple Podcasts will not help you much if at all.

Please use the promo code HELPDESK at checkout at to support Podcast Help Desk!

A conversation with Evo Terra, Podcast Pioneer and all around good guy – PHD110


I got to chat with my old friend and podcast pioneer, Evo Terra. We talk a bit about the good old days of podcasting and some about what is going on now.  Just a couple of old guys chatting it up.

Some of the things Evo is doing or has done:


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Episode Level Artwork – Where does it show? – PHD109


Episode level images. Only some apps use the images and those apps use different images if they do. Here is a list from an experiment I did on my podcast Mike Dell’s World. Episode 308 has episode level images.

One image is embedded in the mp3 file in the iD3 tags. It is white with red writing.

The other image is in the tag on the episode level in the RSS feed. It’s green with white writing. Results:

  • Apple Podcasts – Does not use either image. Just the main artwork for the feed. (But does use the RSS tag in the search in the iTunes desktop software)
  • Google Podcasts – None just uses the main image
  • Overcast for IOS – Uses the id3 tag image for the episode
  • Pocket Casts – Uses neither image *** Update, uses the RSS image tag (thanks James)
  • Podcast Republic – Uses the RSS image (Thanks Chris Miller)
  • Podcast Addict – Uses the RSS image
  • Beyond Pod – Uses the ID3 tag image
  • Stitcher – Uses the main image (none of the episode level images)
  • Spotify – Uses the RSS image on some versions of the App, but not on the Web Version. (Thanks Emily Peck Prokop! )  *Yes, it does work in **SOME** apps.


Let me know what you see in your app if you are not using any of the above Apps.


Random place in the podcast:   1:30

Apple Podcasts is getting picky – phd108


It seems that Apple is getting more picky about Titles and Author tags in Podcast Feeds.

Titles should be just “the title” like – Podcast Help Desk. Not “Podcast Help Desk | The best place to learn to podcast like Dave Jackson and Daniel J. Lewis”

Also, the Author tag should be: Mike Dell Not “Mike Dell, Talking about podcasting like Zig Zigler, Tony Robbins and Pat Flynn talk about business”

In other words, use the tags for what they are for, not for some gray-hat SEO within Apple Podcasts (no longer iTunes)

Podcast Help Desk Hijacked! – PHDspecialReport

Play seems to have hijacked a bunch of feeds. If you are listing on CastBox, please visit and make sure you are subcibed to the real thing and not some cheap copy of the shows I put out.

I have a website for each of my shows for a reason! I don’t mind at all that someone lists my shows on their directory, app, site or whatever, but DO NOT REMOVE the links to MY site! That is a violation of my rights as a content creator. I don’t think was TRYING to hijack feeds, but who knows? But the result is, they did. They are working on it, I guess.


Google Podcasts and Denon DN-300R test recording – PHD107


This is the first test recording using the New Denon DN-300R recorder.  Having the digital recorder mounted in the rack and always hooked up seems to be a better plan (for me) than using a portable recorder as a backup.

I also talk briefly about the new Google Podcasts “app” on Android.

WordPress is unreliable as a podcast RSS feed generator – BULL$#!+ !

BULL$#!+ !
WordPress, at last check, controlled 25% of the web pages out there.  No other single CMS platform comes close. WordPress is the base for (I’m using an educated guess here) about ¼ of the active podcasts.  That would be around 100,000 out of 400,000ish shows.

I am responsible for fielding emails, phone calls and social media questions about the #1 podcasting plugin for WordPress (PowerPress) with somewhere close to 75K active users. (I’m the customer support manager for the maker of PowerPress, Blubrry Podcasting) If WordPress feeds “are a nightmare” as some say, I would be a lot busier than I am.

They will use the argument “Most of the Apple Podcasts Support forum questions are about WordPress feeds”  Well, 2 things about that:

1. With ¼ of the active feeds coming from WordPress, you are going to have more questions about it.
2. If you buy a Ford car, do you go to the Chevy dealer to get it fixed?  NO. So why go to Apple if you are having trouble with WordPress? Come to or your Plugin developer’s support site.

Another argument…  “There are so many ways to mess up a feed from WordPress”.  Sure, but there are just as many ways to screw up an RSS feed from ANY Platform.   If that wasn’t true, then why do most of the “all in one” podcast companies have a support department?  All I’m saying is ANY system can be messed up. WordPress isn’t any different. Just have to be careful about what you do to your site.  It’s YOUR site, so learn a bit about what you are doing and you will be fine.

I just do not want you to fall for the “WordPress sucks for podcasting” BS that you will see out there on Social Media by people that want to control YOUR RSS feed.  (for whatever reason) You, being in control of YOUR website, YOUR feed and YOUR brand is always preferred if you are taking Podcasting at all seriously.

Columbus Meetup – Beginner Podcast Tech Mistakes – PHD105


I was the featured speaker at The Columbus Ohio Podcaster’s Meetup in March.   Today’s episode is the recording of that presentation.

It’s all about Beginner Podcasters Tech Mistakes and how to avoid them.   It was held at the RawVoice Inc. / Blubrry Podcasting HQ in Columbus Ohio.  More information about the meetup here.