Own Your Own Stuff – PHD052


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David Auge asks a question

Question: I have a Berhinger Q802USB to a Heil PR40. A friend of mine wants to sell me his PreSonus FireStudio audio interface…should I get it? Would it make any sort of changes? Do you discuss this in a previous episode?

Answer: The PreSonus looks nice, but it would be kind of a lateral move for you. The Berhinger mixer is also a very good piece of gear. I would say unless there is some feature you just have to have with the PreSonus, there is no reason to change. If you are getting good audio you are best to leave well enough alone.

10 Reasons to use a platform you OWN

Deb Ng (Ange) over at the Blogworld Blog (the people behind NMX) has a great article about owning your own brand in podcasting.

10 Reasons Why It’s Essential to Host Content on Your Own Platform


Blubrry Tip of the week – Show Listings

Among all the things that blubrry does, it is also a podcast directory. With the changes coming to the blubrry directory (see: http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/Blubrry+to+Expand+Directory+with+Easy+Access+to+Hundreds+of+Thousands+Shows/10450085.html) it’s important to update and maintain your listing at blubrry.

To do this, login to blubrry.com. Go to manage account > settings and look for program listing settings. Make sure you have all the blanks filled out.

Go to service settings and make sure you have “Publish from your own WordPress blog with PowerPress plugin (Recommended)” if you are using powerpress.

To check to see what your listing looks like, go to the link in the program listing settings on blubrry.com. If something doesn’t look right, make sure your info is setup correctly in the Feeds, iTunes and Artwork tabs of powerpress. Then go to blubrry.com > manage account > settings and click on “Refresh Program Listing”

Your blubrry listing address will be http://blubrry.com/YourProgramKeyword in my case it’s blubrry.com/phd


Podcast Nomenclature

I have had lots of trouble lately with people using words when asking for help about podcasting that are not really what they mean. I want to go over some of those.

FEED = RSS feed. this is the RSS link someone would use to subscribe to your podcast.

iTunes Feed = NO SUCH THING! Stop it!

iTunes subscription URL = The URL that apple sent you when your podcast was first were approved in the iTunes store. It will look like this: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/title-of-podcast/id000000000

Podcast = The overall show. Or series of Episodes. Example: Podcast Help Desk is my Podcast

Episode or Podcast Episode = One entry in your series of podcasts. Example: Episode 52 (this episode of the Podcast Help Desk)

iTunes Podcast = Again, no such thing. it’s a podcast AVAILABLE via iTunes, but not an iTunes podcast. Stop it!