Numbering your Episodes in the Title – Yes or No? – PHD143

There are reasons you might want to number your episodes in the title of your post.

  1. It’s kind of cool to keep track.
  2. It makes it easier to make sure you are working on the right episode.
  3. It helps with file naming.

Reasons you might NOT want to put the episode number in the title.

  1. Apple doesn’t like (but they won’t kick you out for it)
  2. People will see how many episodes you have made (which can be good or bad)
  3. Listeners really don’t care too much about it.

Tip:  DO not put the number at the beginning of your title.  Some apps are limited in the number of letters they will show before cutting it off.   It’s not useful to see “Episode 421 of my great… ” in an app.