Nobody Accidentally Listens to a Podcast – PHD047

Podcast Patent Troll Beat by EFF


NAB / NMX Wrap Up

Congrats to the Podcast Award winners! Brian Ibit, Brian Brushwood and Tom Merritt.

The end of FM Radio??

Nobody accidentally listens to a podcast.

Audacity Website move.

Something is happening with I guess. Not sure what the story is, but if you are looking for Audacity – The Free audio editor, go to instead of the old site at


Is your podcast website mobile friendly ?


Blubrry Tip – New stuff from Blubrry

Android One click subscribe

Evergreen podcasting

Expanded directory BB


Q: I updated my wordpress and my media players have disappeared. HELP!

A: WordPress sometimes tweaks how it does things and surprises Plugin developers. Powerpress has you covered! Login to your wordpress dashboard and go to powerpress settings > media appearance and where it asks “Having issues?” Select one of the 3 “Yes” answers. Save your settings.

I’m going to have Angelo Mandato (The Blubrry CIO) on the podcast soon to explain the geeky reason for this, and more. That should be in the next few weeks.


Tired and glad to be back home after a week in Vegas!

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