My Top 6 Web Hosting Platforms For Your Podcast Website – PHD142

We talked yesterday about why you need a website.  Here are my top 6 web hosting platforms and why (Plus a few I don’t recommend).

  1. A2 hosting – EASY importing into their platform. Great support and so far (knock on wood) NO Issues with downtime or page speed. Price is great
  2. Blubrry PowerPress Sites – Easy, no updates to deal with.  Rocket ship fast.  (use Promo code HELPDESK at checkout for a free month)
  3. WP-Engine – Same as A2 (in fact A2 is owned by WP-engine).  Their prices are a bit higher but they are VERY good.
  4. SiteGround – Also, very easy setup and good support. Price is good.
  5. Godaddy – Not my favorite anymore, but they are OK.  Their support is “good” but they do try to upsell the heck out of you. but if you already know what you are doing, it’s an OK choice.
  6. Bluehost – Also not my favorite anymore, but they have improved at LOT in recent years and their prices are very good.

A few to stay away from:

  1. Squarespace – The pages look great and are “easy” to setup.  The downside is their podcast support is very minimal.  They barely have a feed that is useable and their support for the podcasting part is very limited.
  2. HostGator – This is a WordPress host but they charge you for “visits”.  This can be bad if you are successful and get a lot of subscribers to your podcast.
  3. Godaddy – Yes, I know it’s on my other list, but here is some reasons you might NOT want to use them.

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