My 8 Favorite Podcasts – PHD150

I’m not only a podcaster, but an avid podcast listener.  I have something like 30 shows that I subscribe to plus I listen to a lot of one-off shows that I don’t subscribe to.   Here is my top 8 (as of late November 2020) Also, not in Rank order.   Just that these 8 are listened to nearly as soon as they come in.

Lehto’s Law

Steve Lehto is a Lawyer in Michigan and an author. He specializes in Lemon Law cases.  He has been doing a YouTube channel for a 5 or 6 years and then takes the audio and puts it out as a podcast.  He does 2 Episodes a day, 7 days a week!   At the end of 2020 he will have posted 732 episodes in this year ALONE!   DANG!.

They are short episodes.  Normally between 9 and 15 minutes each.  He covers most any law stories.  Sometimes car related stories. But I have to say, almost all of his episodes are funny, well produced and to the point.  I never miss an episode.


Airline Pilot Guy

Airline Pilot Guy is an aviation podcast hosted by Capt. Jeff, Dr. Steph, Capt. Nick,  and Miami Rick (Also a Capt.) along with sometimes co-host Capt. Dana.  Produced by Liz Pyper. It’s a weekly 3 HOUR SHOW all about the Aviation Profession and Hobby. The hosts are current or former Airline Pilots (other than Dr. Steph who is commercial pilot rated but plays a Doctor in real life).

It’s broken it segments for News, “Getting to Know You” where the crew tells what they have been up to the week before, The Coffee Fund (which is Jeff begging for money 🙂 ) and the ever popular “Plane Tales” by “The Old Pilot (who is really Capt. Nick) and of course FEEDBACK.  It’s the show with the most feedback than any I’ve ever heard of. Jeff and the crew answer about 2 hours of questions every week and the audience participation is the best.  You might even hear me on there once in a while 🙂 .


ARRL Audio News

This is a weekly podcast from the American Radio Relay League (Amateur Radio or Ham Radio).  Gives the latest news around the world for Amateur Radio. Hosted by the league employees.




This is a Daily (Monday-Friday) podcast of the newsletter by James Cridland.  Gives a daily round up of podcasting news and opinions from the editor (James).  Sometimes a bit snarky and James has a very cool aloof British Accent  🙂

You should really sign up for the newsletter AND listen to the podcast.  Very informative about the podcast industry.


Podcasting 2.0

Podcasting 2.0 is Adam Curry and Dave Jones, the guys behind the Podcast Index.  Adam, of course, is the Podfather and former MTV VJ (One of the guys that invented podcasting) and Dave is a “dude named Ben” (developer and I.T. Guy).  They call this podcast the “Board Meeting” for Podcast Index LLC.  This one is a bit geeky, and fun because it’s more Adam.

They talk about what is going on in the Podcast Index and the new “Podcast” namespace for RSS.

Website – Podcast

A few more I don’t miss.

Dave Rubin’s “The Rubin Report
Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak’s “No Agenda
Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee’s “New Media Show

AND of course there are my other shows.

Podcast Insider and Mike Dell’s World

There are quite a few more that I like.  But these 8 are my must listen (or watch) podcasts.

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