iTunes What is it? AND What it is not! – PTC009

Welcome to the REBOOT of the Podcasting TechCoach show.  I’m Mike Dell.  I’ve been podcasting since the beginning of time…. Well, since early 2005 really…

Today I’m  going to talk about what iTunes is and how it works.  More importantly, what it is not.   But first the news…

Garage Band 10 looses it’s enhanced podcast features

Most people do not use the enhanced podcast features.  What that is, is chapter markers and images that show up on an iPad, iPhone or ipod (and some web players) during an audio podcast.  I never thought that enhanced podcasts were worth the trouble. I think that Apple came to the same conclusion.  This doesn’t mean that you can not use Garage band to make normal MP3 podcasts.  I’m sure it’s just fine for recording as it always was.

Will Frank Zappa Save Podcasting?

Looks like Frank Zappa might have come up with “podcasting” before the Patent Trolls at Personal Audio.  According to Marc Maron, who interviewed Moon Zappa (You know, the Valley Girl from Frank’s Valley Girls song and Franks Daughter) says a fan, reading Franks Autobiography, found where Frank figured out a way to distribute content via phone lines.  Hopefully, this will be just another example of prior art that can be used by podcasters to defend against these lawsuits.
Podcast Awards Voting ends today (November 15th)
The 9th annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards voting ends today at 9pm eastern time.  I guess
this isn’t ‘in time” news, but I’m just re-starting this show.   Anyway, congrats to those shows nominated and I will be watching the awards presentation at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas on Sunday Jan 5, 2014.  To check out who was nominated, go to
Now for the meat of this episode……..
What is itunes really?   iTunes is an application that people have on their Macintosh and Windows PC. It is also a store from Apple to sell you Music, Movies, TV shows, Apps for your iThingys. For our purposes, it’s one of the main ways people still use to find and listen to podcasts.  It’s not the
only way and it’s not even the most used way anymore. Other apps have come along (including Apple’s own podcast app).  The good news for us is that if you get your podcast listed in iTunes, it’s also listed in the Apple Podcasts App and some other apps for both iOS and Android that use Apple’s directory API’s for their list.  So, in a nutshell, it’s important.

It’s not a place to “Upload my podcast”.  It’s not a feed and it doesn’t generate a feed.  THERE IS
NO SUCH THING AS AN ITUNES FEED!   I repeat,  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ITUNES FEED!.  The only thing called a feed in podcasting is your RSS feed.  We will be talking about feeds a lot in the future, but when it comes to itunes, just don’t forget that iTunes is not a feed or even a type of feed.

How iTunes works…  For podcasting, iTunes has 2 parts.  The first part is your show’s listing.  This is kind of like a webpage inside of the iTunes store.  In fact they do have a webpage for every show listed on top of your listing page inside the store. This is good for SEO.  The listing webpage for your show looks just like the listing page inside the store so they are really the same thing.  You show will be listed in iTunes after you have submitted your RSS feed to iTunes and they have approved it.  To get to this point you have to have at least one episode in your feed already and when you submit it, you must have your media hosted on a server that will deliver your media properly.  I could go into the geeky bits about how the server is configured. What this really means is you have to have a real media hosting account and/or a really good web hosting account.  We will go in depth
about media hosting in another show.