iTunes New and Noteworthy is NOT that Important! – PHD033

New Voicemail Feedback Phone Line! – 231-715-1366

Geek News Central #1000 – Congrats to Todd Cochrane for reaching show 1000 on Geek News Central!

Podcast Answer Man – 9 Years of podcasting! Congrats to Cliff Ravenscraft! Listen to his VERY first episode in podcasting here:


Patent Troll Update

U.S. Patent Office To Decide Whether Patent Troll Company Actually Owns Podcasting

Powerpress 6 coming soon! Beta 3 was released today to testers (including me) and if no trouble, it should be released to the public this week! I will have a full rundown of it’s features in a future episode.


iTunes New & Noteworthy? It’s not that important! – Listen to hear my opinion on this based on some facts.

________________ – Check your feed… yes. BUT, don’t always trust is hopelessly out of date. It will help you to roughly test your feed. A more up to date validator is


Blubrry Tip – Feed Size

iTunes and many other users and apps of RSS require a feed size of less than 512k (yes, only ½ a megabyte). If you have 50 or 60 episodes, your feed may become too big. This all depends on how big your shownotes are.

Using powerpress, you can “maximize” your feed items using Feed Maximzer. this will let you have more items in your feed while keeping the feed small. It does this by removing a lot of the not needed things in your feed for items 11 thru however many you have. The first 10 items will be full featured feed items.


Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at
The promo code also works for blubrry premium
statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.


How to get support / help, The RIGHT way (mini-rant)

You get what you pay for (most of the time)

Free product = poor / non-existent support

Cheap product = Some support, but don’t expect that spending $5 will get you $1000’s in personal consulting

RTFM! (Read the fracking manual

Using the words “ASAP” and “Fix it IMMEDIATELY” does not help

Using a private podcast coach (me or any of them online) can save you time and flustration.

Go back to PHD024 ( for lots of places to help you

Places to learn about how to podcast:


HERE! (ignore the part about feedburner) Lots of great background info on how things work in podcasting. (Also ingnore anything about feedburner)

but inexpensive: (affiliate link)

Paid AND Expen$ive (but good from what I hear) (ignore Feedburner part)