Is Broadcasting Dead?- 8 Rules for podcasting in 2015 (well 10) – PHD036

Redit’s new podcast, “Upvoted”

Another story about podcasting becoming popular

8 Rules for podcasting in 2015

8 New Rules For Podcasting In 2015

Question from Dan Kramer from the Miskatonic University Podcast

Hi Mike.
I was wondering how you’ve like using the Auphonic desktop program you got at the end of the year. I’ve been considering purchasing it myself, but the hefty price tag and the no returns policy keep stopping me. I’ve had the same issue as yourself with upload times to use the online version.

Thanks for your show. I look forward to seeing new episodes of the Help Desk show up in my podcatcher.

A: Love it. Yes it’s a bit expensive ($89US 69euro) but it works great and not having to upload 1gb files is great! I found out that Auphonic uses the lame MP3 encoder which (as you know) is LAME! 🙂 So I just use Wav and then convert to mp3 using Fraunhofer MP3 encoder (found in iTunes or Adobe Audition)

IS BROADcasting dead? (or Dying) (Editorial)

All Music Radio sounds the same
All Talk radio stations/shows sound the same.
All Sports radio sounds the same
Local TV is only good in local news (sometimes)
Local Radio is good for news and live sports (thats about it)
Cable / Satellite TV / XM/Sirius is sucking people dry with their “bundling”

Blubrry Tip of the week
Category Podcasting with Powerpress

Category podcasting is NOT the best way to do multiple podcasts from one wordpress site using powerpress. There are several reasons for this.

IF you are using blubrry stats, there is no way to separate the stats from each other. All “shows” will use the same redirect code. (not ideal)
Categories are easy to mess up.
If you already have a podcast using the default feed, your new category podcast episodes will go out on the feed also.
More complicated URLS to the feed.

I would (and do) use podcast channels. You can still break up the posts on your site by category using channels. See this is a second feed on my main site for the Ham Radio podclass. I posted the posts to a category, but the podcast is in it’s own channel. Much easier to keep separate when posting..

Microphone and Mixer give-away.
I’m giving away a Behringer XM8500 dynamic Mic (brand new) and a slightly used Behringer UB502 Mixer (plus mic cable and computer hookup cable) to a lucky listener. (US/Canadian Listeners only) I will also throw in an Hour of Consulting (via Go-to-Meeting) to help you get started.
The ways to enter are simple.
1. Sign up for the newsletter mailing list (no spam) found on the sidebar of
2. Send in a voicemail comment either by dialing 231-421-4490 (either a question or comment for use on the show) or use the send voicemail tab on the site or email (either audio or text) to with a question for the show.
3. Send me an email telling me about your show and a little about yourself
You will get 1 entry for each thing you do above (limit 3 entries per person)
I will use a randomizer site to pick the winner on January 19th 2015. Deadline to enter is January 19th 2015.


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