How Wrong Was Mike? – Podcast Predictions From Last Year – PHD095

My Predictions from 2015 in podcasting for the Year 2016
I Made some guesses on what was going to happen in 2016 back in Episode 71. Now we find out just how wrong I was.

Soundcloud will no longer be a podcast media host (Wrong, they are still here)

Soundcloud is still here and still nobody has bought them and they haven’t gone out of business (yet)

There will be at least one new podcast media hostt (Right)

Dan Benjamin’s Fireside along with a BUNCH of others that didn’t really make a splash yet.

There will be at least one new podcast media host go out of business (??)
At least none that I know of. I’m sure there were some, but they went out with no splash just like they came in with no splash.

I will release “The NO BS Guide to Podcasting”. No Really…. I am going to finish it (wrong)

It will come out sooner or later or never 🙂

Feedburner will still exist all year long. (Right)

Yup.. Still a pain in my side.

Podcast Movement will be a big success. (no brainer) (right)

PM16 was great! The first one I went to and it was a ton of fun. Reminded me of the good old days in Ontario.

Blab will start charging “something” for service or will start some sort of advertising. (Not talked about in the show) (WTF? They went out of business)

They are just gone. So I don’t know if I was right or wrong. I guess wrong, they didn’t start charging, they just went out of business. Free is a lousy business plan.

A major player in the podcasting space (company) will change names / rebrand. (wrong)

At least, not that I know of. Blubrry went through a sort of re-branding. It’s now “Blubrry Podcasting, a RawVoice Company” in communications. But, really it was that all along.

There will be a major Movie announced that features podcasting in the central plot. (not a documentary or independent film) (Wrong – As far as I know)

Also not that I’m aware of.

Howard Stern will still hate podcasting. (Right)

HAPPY 2017!