How important are Shownotes? – PHD137

Note Pad with Yellow top bar and blue lines tilted 30 degrees leftShownotes, or Blog Post Content can really help you episodes (and your website) be found in Google.

You need to create some text that the search engines can index so you come up in Google and others. Google is the #1 way people find podcasts and episodes about the subject they are searching for. Most of the time, when potential listeners go to their podcast app of choice, they don’t just accidentally find a show. They already know what they are looking for.  A lot of times, they know because they did a web search.  If you don’t write shownotes and publish them with your podcast, you won’t be found.

In most podcast apps, the shownotes, episode notes, description or post content (all the same) is not searched.  No really…  Apple only searches on Names and titles.  Nothing you write will help INSIDE the Apple Podcasts app.  BUT, it will help on the web searches.

So to answer the question,  YES, Shownotes are very important. Not so much for listeners because you should put everything in the audio.  Do you your show for your audience, and do your shownotes for Google.

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