Did You Plug it IN? – PHD068

Did You Plug it IN?

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Howard Stern (again)

Howard Stern demonstrates the value of live radio over podcasting

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Inverted Audio problem

Thanks to Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity To Podcast for helping me figure out what was wrong.

I *THOUGHT* I had the portable recorder problem figured out.   I bought a new cable and the plug end for the 3.5mm makes it so it doesn’t go in the socket all the way (Size does matter I guess:) ).  Anyway, it gave me a mirror effect left to right.  SO when it is played on a mono speaker (iphone, ipad and others) the left cancels out the right.

***UPdate! It wasn’t the cable after all.

It was the setting on my recorder for Mic Type.  It was set to Stereo and to fix it, I had to set it to Mono.  Ugh!

Tech Support – Did you plug it in?

Why those of us in Tech Support ask the simple questions first.


Blubrry Announcements of the week

PowerPress supports in Feed fundraising links for certain apps http://www.powerpresspodcast.com/2015/11/04/powerpress-podcasters-can-now-crowdfund-their-podcast-directly-to-subscribers/

Clammr Player Plugin integration with PowerPress.  http://www.powerpresspodcast.com/2015/11/16/clammr-wordpress-plugin-supported-by-powerpress/

Blubrry Partners with Trition with a private plugin for Blubrry Pro customers for Ad management.

Blubrry Partners with Triton Digital to create an Audio platform Plugin for PowerPress

Appendipity  themes player bug in PowerPress 6.2 which caused some themes issues with the player.  Angelo is working on releasing  PowerPress 6.2.1 as I record on Friday.  Should be out Friday evening so if you are having player troubles with your theme, it will be fixed SOON.. Update your PowerPress whenever it’s updated.

***update, I’m testing 6.2.1 now and it should be out tonight (11/20/15)

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