Complicated Does Not Mean Good – PHD045

I’m doing an experiment this week. I’m doing minimal post-editing and podcasting without fancy intro, outro and bumper music. As we called it “back in the day”, live to the hard drive. This is not a format change. It’s just to show you that you don’t need to do all that fancy stuff to put out a good podcast. In fact, I’m recording from my mobile studio (my van) using the mobile setup.


Just a bit about my “Real Radio” guest hosting the other day….

Apple changes the artwork spec (again)

New Software out for podcasters

New Version of Audacity 2.1.0

New version of Powerpress 6.0.2


Complicated does not mean good

Sometimes complicated makes things better. Sometimes not.

Complicated web sites do not get your more viewers to your website and can cause operational problems with your podcast

More complicated production of your show won’t get your more listeners (most of the time)

Better mic *might* help if your audio is crappy. but once you get a good sound, go on to the next thing

Find a workflow that you are comfortable with and then concentrate on the content rather than the tech.

The default feed from wordpress and powerpress is best. Channels are second best. Post types (even though they are complicated to setup) are 3rd best followed in LAST place by category feeds.

Don’t start a Network when you are new at podcasting. Start with one show and make it Good. Then maybe start other podcasts.

Don’t start by trying to do interviews by skype.

Don’t try to make everything perfect right away. Your first show is going to suck compared to your 10th, which will suck compared to your 45th (I hope) 🙂


Blubrry Tip of the Week

This one is for the listeners. Blubrry is 3 different things.
1. Podcast Services company – Powerpress, Hosting, Stats
2. Podcast Directory – 30k+ podcasts
3. Podcast Advertising Company

I’m going to talk about the #2 thing as you already know about #1.

Group your shows into 1 feed
Watch or listen to your podcasts on Set Top boxes (Roku, Boxee, Samsung TV and more)
Subscribe to all your podcasts easy with one RSS feed

For podcasters – Get your podcast listed on the blubrry directory FREE! 🙂


RSS Feed size. Does size matter?

This is for those of you that have been podcasting a while.

itunes feed size limit is 512k
You don’t want your feed to take a long time to load.

Ways to limit the size of your feed.
Limit your feed to the last 50 episodes (299 is the limit in iTunes)
Use Feed Maximizer tool in powerpress


New Media Expo / NAB Show April 13th – 16th at Las Vegas Convention Center and Westgate Hotel and Casino

I will be at the Rawvoice / Blubrry booth (N7709) in north hall at NAB / NMX at LVCC. Stop by and say Hi if you are going to NABShow


Catch me next time.

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