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Recording Equipment for Your Podcast – PHD102

News: Blubrry/RawVoice has acquired Cast Feed Validator (

Recording Equipment

You do not need anything a smartphone to start podcasting.  Some people have good luck with just a smartphone and if done right, they can record a good show with just that.

  • Microphones.  I suggest NOT getting a USB Condenser mic  Go for a dynamic mic.  ATR2100 is a good starter mic if you have to use USB.  You can go with a more expensive microphone and use a USB interface.
  • Mixer –  You don’t *have* to have a mixer, but it can help.  It allows more than one mic to be plugged in.  It has mic Preamps. The little more expensive ones will allow a Mix-Minus. (a whole nother episode)
  • Software  Audacity is free, Garageband is free with a Mac (so not free).  Audition is $15 a month.  Hindenburg journalist is expensive.
  • You really don’t need much else.
  • The whole idea is to get something that will give you a clean audio recording.  No need for the fancy stuff.

    If you want to get fancy

  • Compressor limiter gate

  • Equalizer
  • Sound treatment
  • External recorder deck / Portable recorder

  • Boom arm for the mic
  • Broadcast headset (with or without mic)
  • What equipment you get is totally dependant on Budget and what type of podcast you are going to do.   

    If you are going to have a remote co-host or if you are going to interview people, I suggest a real mixer (not the cheapest one).  You really don’t want to depend totally on software to record skype.

    Auphonic is a great way to level your sound out after you have edited.

    Planning Your Podcast – PHD101

    Planning your Podcast

    1. Pick a subject
    2. Pick a title
    3. Get a domain name
    4. Figure out ahead of time how you are going to do the RSS feed
    a. WordPress/PowerPress
    b. No website but use RSS from Media host
    c. Roll your own XML (rss) feed
    d. Proprietary service (Soundcloud, Podbean, others)
    6. Show format

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    Season 2 Trailer – PHD

    Being that IOS11 and the new Podcasts App is out today, I figured I would play with things and do a trailer for “Season 2” of the Podcast Help Desk.

    So, here it is. These will be the next 10 episodes. I will also include some news, views and the normal stuff in htere as well as the “lesson” of the episdoe.

    101 – Planning your podcast

    102 – Getting recording equipment

    103 – Recording that first episode

    104 – Myths about “Launching” a podcast

    105 – Artwork and branding

    106 – Setting up an RSS feed

    107 – Promoting your podcast

    108 – Content is king!
    109 – Things to avoid
    110 – Special surprise

    What’s in an Email address? – PQH 9-8-17

    Do you think less of someone because of their email address?

    say,, or   ( seems to be my exception)

    What say you?

    Be sure to go back and listen to PHD100 if you haven’t heard it and go to (or press the button on the right if you are on the site) and get subscribed.

    Episode 100 – My History in Podcasting – PHD100


    Shows I’ve started. (starting in April 2005)

    Best I can guess I’ve done somewhere around 2700 episodes

    Some of the cool things that have happened because I started my podcasts.


    The lesson I would say you should take from this is “Do as I say, not as I do”.


    Since the next episode will be 101, I’m going to start from scratch in starting a Podcast if I were to do it all over. Each episode for the next several will be the steps I would go through to start a podcast. The PHD 101 series.

    Podcast Help Desk News Flash Briefing available on Alexa

    Just a short note and announcement to let you know that a new Skill is available from the Podcast Help Desk (me).

    Just look for Podcast Help Desk News and add the skill.  Then in your flash briefing on your Alexa device, you will hear a 1-2 min news clip from Podcast Help Desk News that will be either a short news story about podcasting, a podcasting tip or once in a while a small rant from Your’s truly.

    Why Does Real Podcast Hosting Cost So Much More Than Soundcloud? – PHD099



    Q: Why is XXX (Blubrry, Libsyn, Spreaker) so much more expensive than Soundcloud?

    A: Because, businesses that host podcasts have to buy bandwidth.  Bandwidth costs money.  If you charge less than it costs you and don’t make a profit, the business won’t stay in business.  This is why Free or cheap hosting will never be a long term plan.  If a company charges enough to make themselves a profit, they will stay in business.  Simple as that.  Soundcloud spent more money than they took in for a long time and it’s now catching up with them.  There have been 100’s of free or cheap hosting companies come and go over the years. Unless you enjoy changing hosts every so often, pick one that has been around for a while, not one that just started and seems too good to be true.


    • Do you do too many podcasts?
 – I know I *try* to do too many. It normally doesn’t work out.
    • Do you have too complicated of a website?
 – I can’t stress enough the importance of having a clean, easy website for your podcast. Too many times I go to someones “podcast” website and I can’t find their podcast. Not only does it make it hard for listeners, but it makes it hard for the podcaster to maintain.

    Blubrry Tip :

    • PowerPress Sites Deluxe
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    • Your Podcast by Blubrry – Blubrry’s podcast about the podcasting business, tips for your podcast and some inside blubrry information. Every other week at

    Also check out the PowerPress Podcast with MacKenzie and her guest hosts along with a PowerPress tip from Shawn every other week.


    I am working on an Amazon Alexa Skill for Podcast Help Desk News that you will be able to add to your flash briefing in Alexa. It will be a 1-2 minute tip or news item from the world of podcasting. ( Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment ) It’s just something I’m playing with. Stay tuned!

    New Site Hosting at! – PQH15

    This is the first post on the new PowerPress Sites Deluxe powered Podcast Help Desk.

    I’ve changed a few things on the transition over to PPS from Godaddy hosting (Nothing wrong with godaddy and I still have over there).

    First change is the main feed now includes both PHD and PHDQH. For those that don’t want the full episodes, and only the Quickhits, there is a feed for that here. Otherwise, stay subscribed to the main feed and you will get everything I put out.

    Trying to simplify how I post things in the future.

    Otherwise, business as Normal.

    If you want to try a PowerPress site deluxe, you can get a Month free by using the promo code HELPDESK at checkout at

    What You Shouldn’t Worry About – PHD098

    Here are the things I DO NOT worry so much about in my Podcasting:

    1. My Statistics / Numbers
    2. My Reviews, Ratings and Rankings
    3. iTunes
    4. Audio Perfection
    5. Being Absolutely Everywhere
    6. MP3 File Names

    Things I do worry about:

    1. Audience – Give them a reason to listen
    2. Knowing my listeners
    3. My RSS feed address
    4. Being everywhere that matters
    5. Ease of use for my listeners and web visitors

    You will have to listen to the show to find out more 🙂

    Should You Host Your Podcast on Soundcloud? – pqh14

    My Opinion — NO!

    Soundcloud is NOT a podcast company. They are a music and audio sharing platform kind of like YouTube is for Video. They have lost something like $300 Million since they started. Investors are bailing out on them. They tried to get $100 Million more and failed (so far) and came up with $70 million in a LOAN. They even say that may not take them to the end of the year. YIKES! Run, don’t walk, away from Soundcloud for your primary podcast host.

    Soundcloud takes a $70 million loan because they can’t get another round of investment

    David Noel, Soundcloud co-founder, leaving

    If you insist of sticking with Soundcloud for podcast hosting, at least control your feed in some way!