Can I Charge or Should I Charge for my podcast? – PHD032

Can I Charge for my podcast? – PHD032


PodcastOne demands their podcasts be removed from Stitcher

PCN Interview with Norm Pattiz of Podcast One

The Rise of podcasting. I’m not a fan of infographics, but this one is good. It’s over at by Nick Cicero

Paid Podcasting?

I’m not a fan of paid content in podcasting. It does work for a select audience, but it does nothing to gain listeners.

Most podcasters have enough trouble getting listeners when it’s free and easy.

You can do it using WordPress plugins for a subscription (paid) site such as Wishlist member and others.

It does work for bonus content but In most cases, this does not need to be in podcast form. Videos / Audios played or downloaded from within a protected page seems to be less troublesome to setup.

Question of the week from Mike Winter

Q. I have a RadioShack four channel mixer with a left right one quarter Jack Output. I’ve discovered that I can’t record onto an iPhone. So I tried a digital recorder, and discovered it only recorded in mono. Is that a problem? Is there a way to record in stereo?

A. There are several ways to go about this.

Record to 1 track and then convert to True mono or Joint stereo in Audacity or other audio editing software.
Get a mono to stereo adapter.
Get a Y adapter (2 mono ¼” to 1 3.5mm stereo) aff. link:
Pyle-Pro PCBL43FT3 12 Gauge 3 Feet 3.5mm Male Stereo to Dual 1/4-Inch Male Mono Y-Cable Adapter
Connect your mic directly to the digital recorder (not using the mixer) using an adapter, either xlr to 3.5mm stereo or ¼” mono to 3.5mm stereo adapter depending on your mic cable


Blubrry tip of the week. – Stats

Blubrry Stats Compared

Blubrry Stats FAQ

Media Stats vs. Web Stats – Blubrry Podcast Manual


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