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Blubrry soft-launches a new site It’s another way to subscribe to podcasts via email. Similar to the feedburner email subscription in one way, but different in another way. This one is for your listeners. They can subscribe to as many podcasts as they want via email and they will get a daily digest email with all the episodes put out that day, sent to their inbox. If no episodes come out that day, then they don’t get an email. As a podcaster, you can hit the podcasters link on the site and make your own subscribe by email button for your site. If you use powerpress, it will be added to powerpress on the next release. There will be metrics and such added later for the podcaster. Hence the “soft-launch” Check it out at


Bad Advice

I’ve had a rash of people come to me after getting very bad advice from so-called podcast Gurus. Some of the gurus are charging a TON of money for their advice. Sometime the old saying that “you get what you pay for” isn’t really true.

Examples: One such “guru” says you should ignore the Parental Rating setting in Powerpress and in Libsyn (they call it something else) This is just a bad idea. Yes, you CAN ignore it, but you should not ignore it. In the US, Canada and Brazil, there is a law called the Vchip law. ( Basically, this allows parents to block shows by their rating for anything that goes on a TV… This includes smart TV’s (apps on the TV that play podcasts for instance) and set top boxes like Roku, Apple TV, FireTV, boxie and others. If your podcast goes on one of these devices, and it’s not rated, it could be blocked, or if it’s rated G and you drop an F-bomb, you could get in trouble. It’s best to set that field for the right rating.

Another “Guru”, who we have talked about in the past, is still telling people to use Feedburner.

One of the worst pieces of advice I’ve heard in a long time is to NOT have a link to your RSS feed on your website. (REALLY???) and the best one yet is Don’t bother to have a website at all, and send all your listeners to [insert podcast hosting company site here].


Audio-Technica BPHS1 Headset Mic

I’m testing out a new microphone. The Audio-technica BPHS1 Headset mic. It’s a dynamic mic and good headphones which is normally used for sports broadcasting or broadcasting in a noisy environment.

In fact, I did the last episode using it.. Did you notice any difference from the PR40? Likely there is a bit of difference, but I think it’s acceptable for what I’m doing. And it lets me podcast standing up… I am going to also test it in the car (with one ear open for safety). I will put that in the podcast at some point.


Blubrry tip of the week

Using the PowerPress subscribe buttons with a feed not hosted on your website.

Enable podcast channels in powerpress > general settings tab
go to channels under powerpress in the wordpress sidebar
Edit the “default” channel
click on the feeds tab and where it says “Feedburner feed” (with warning) put your off site feed address in there.

Save your settings and your subscribe buttons and links will now point to that off-site feed.


Mark Whitney – Genius

A client of mine is just now getting into podcasting and he is one interesting dude. His shows may not be everyone’s cup of tea and they are not family safe, work safe but if you are into his type of humor and commentary, I think you will enjoy his podcasts. Whitneyland. He has the best way of telling people about subscribing to a podcast.

Mark’s other podcast Bring Your Show

This podcast is likely to be Bi-weekly for the summer.