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Indefinite Hiatus Status – PHD128


I am going to leave PodcastHelpDesk active.  Just going on ‘indefinite Hiatus”  or “once in a while” mode.    So no expectations of an episode every week or even every month, but I will put stuff in this feed once in a while.    Stay subscribed!

Thank to everyone that contacted me and your thoughts and suggestions were appreciated!

You will always be able to find me at and 

Podcasting Crossroads – PHD127


Looking for some help here.  What do you think I should do with this podcast?   I am not consistent (as you can tell) and I want to pair down the number of shows I feel obligated to do.

Should I leave it online and just let it podfade and exist?  Or should I kill it and erase it’s existence? Let me know,

I will continue to do Mike Dell’s World ( but as for the rest of the shows, I don’t think so.   (Of course, will continue)


Podcasting Ramblings at the end of 2019 – PHD126


What is going to happen to podcasting in 2020? Who knows, but i make some predictions and ramble about podcast topics at random in this informal Podcast Help Desk episode.

Catch me on Evo’s Podcast Pontifications as the Guest-host.

Use my promo code at for a free month.

Catch you next year!

Putting all your eggs in one basket – PHD125


This is typed into the Post Content box in WordPress ***

Please let me know what you see above this line in the “show notes”, “Episode notes” or “Description” on your app and what app you are listening on.

This should be a live link 

Today I talk about Anchor, Spotify and if they are “bad” or good, and if it’s good to have one dominant platform that people listen on.   You should promote your own website for your podcast and give everyone links to the platforms you are on from there. Do not send people to a particular platform.

Gushing over the Rodecaster Pro – PHD124


Every part of my studio, other than the mic boom and cable is new.  The Rodecaster Pro has replaced a whole rack of stuff.  I gush about how much Love this thing.  It may not be perfect but man-o-man does it make things a bunch easier for most average podcasters.

I also talk about the other podcasts I’m doing including the new (ish) one I’m doing for Blubrry Podcasting called “Podcast Insider” ( with Todd Cochrane and sometimes Barry Kantz or MacKenzie Bennett.  It’s the Official Blubrry Podcast.

I talked about Podcast Movement 2019 in the Sauna that is Orlando in August (Lucky there was no Hurricanes coming).

Also much more!


** Note: the intro was inspired by Brett Butt (  Check out his occasional podcast 🙂   Also “Corner Gas” now available in the US on Amazon Prime Video.

PHD at Podcast Movement 2019 – PHD123


A quick update of what is going on with Podcast Help Desk and Blubrry.

  • Will be at Podcast Movement with “Podcast Help Desk” office hours.  Stop by the booth if you need some help with your show’s tech.
  • Win a Rodecaster Pro by entering Blubrry’s record a promo contest at the Blubrry booth.
  • Podcast Help Desk News RIP.    I killed it.  It was fun while it lasted on Alexa.


Check out Blubrry’s new official podcast at

Mike Dell’s World Studio Equipment – PHD122


Today I go through what I’m using currently for podcast production.   Here is the list:

Mackie 1202VLZ4 Mixer
Behringer Composter PRO XL 2 channel Compressor, Limiter, Gate
Denon DN-300R Rack Mount Digital Recorder
Heil PL-2T Boom
Heil Shock Mount (normally for a PR40 Mic)
Electrovoice RE-20 Mic  and/or Audio-techincia BPHS1 Headset Mic
Zoom H5 Handi Recorder
Behringer XM8500 Hand-held Mics for extras or portable


Auphonic Leveler (desktop version)
Adobe Audition

Do you need all this stuff?    NO!   This is just what I use currently.


If you are going to Podcast, JUST PODCAST! – PHD121


The single best way to make sure your Title is what you want it to be EVERYWHERE is to use it as the blog title (assuming you are using WordPress to publish your podcast) or the TITLE box in whatever podcast service you are using.   The Best way to make sure your “shownotes” are the same everywhere is to use it in the main post content box.

There are, in Theory, ways to specify for different places different titles, post content and whatnot, but Apps do not have to follow those extra tags.  RSS is a standard and apps and directories can choose what they want to use and what they don’t.

Apple, for instance, does not USE the Apple Title tag in “iTunes” desktop or the web preview of Apple Podcast listings.  Only in the IOS App.  (weird I know).  They also do not use the “iTunes Image” tag ANYWHERE in their system other than maybe search preview.  No way to force it.

Sorry for the mini-rant.

Breaking News from PHD News – Apple is making changes to Apple Podcasts


This is Wednesday’s episode of my Alexa News Breif Podcast Help Desk news.

In addition to killing off “iTunes” on the Mac Desktop, Apple is also changing up the categories.  (Later this summer)

Also adding some search and photo settings.

Your podcast companies did not know about this ahead of time and will (the good ones anyway) be up to speed by the time this gets implmented at Apple.


Changing Your Podcast’s Title – PHD120


One of the questions I get a lot is how to change your podcast’s title.

In this short episode, I explain how to do it and why you might want to.  Also some of the things that won’t change because you change your title.

As some of you might remember, this podcast used to be called “Podcasting Tech Coach” Back in Episode 13, I changed it to Podcast Help Desk

Here is a link to that episode PHD013 – Rebranding

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