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Freedom of Speech in Podcasting – PHD133

I talk more about Spotify and why I am not there anymore. Also, what is a REAL podcast app?

My definition is if you can take the RSS feed address and subscribe to a podcast feed that is NOT included in the Apple or whatever other directory and still subscribe and listen to the podcast.  Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Podcast Addict and Pocketcasts are examples.   If you can not, then it’s not a true RSS based podcast app.   Apps like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Sticher and a few others are apps you can use to listen to podcasts, but only if those apps ALLOW you to see the podcast in their directories.


Freedom of Speech is important as well. is trying to make an insurance policy for the freedom of Podcasting.   They have a podcast that is NOT on the directories.   It’s Podcast 2.0 with Adam Curry and Dave Jones.   You can subscribe using their RSS feed here:  Just paste it in on your REAL podcast app to subscribe.

Show Notes Experiment and Why I Pulled My Show From the Spotify Platform – PHD132

I’m doing an experement with the 4 possible places you can put Show Notes into your podcast episode.

The 4 tags are:

  • content:encoded
  • description
  • iTunes summary
  • id3 tag lyrics

This text is typed into the Content Encoded tag (Also you should see a live link here:

Leaving Spotify – Please resubscribe at PodcastHelpDesk dot com

Just a quick note to let you know I will no longer be on Spotify with this show. IF you are listening there, please go to and resubscribe using another platform by September 7th, 2020.

Thank You!


A walk in the woods – PHD131

I took my portable setup on a walk in the woods in a industrial park. I talked about RSS, big shows vs. Indie shows, Joe Rogan’s deal with Spotify and a bunch more.

Recorded using a dynamic clip on microphone from Shure. (SM11 – Not 10 something like I said in the show)

More from the studio on the next episode!

Podcast Episodic Artwork Test Results – PHD 130

The results are in!  Thank you for those that reported what you saw in your app of choice.

I put different images in different places.
I put a Green logo image in the ID3 tags (embedded in the mp3 file),  A Blue logo image in the RSS image ( Called “iTunes image” in the item level of the RSS feed) A  Green and blue imgage in the body of the post (Featured image) and the feed has the normal Orange logo image for the overall podcast artwork.

Here is what we have found so far:   (will be updated as I get more info)



This is from Episode 129

Apple Podcasts (on Mac and IOS):  No episode artwork shown (other than directory search under episodes results which show the RSS image)
iTunes desktop software (on older Macs and Windows):  No episode artwork shown (other than directory search under episodes results which show the RSS image)
Antenna Pod (Android):  Shows artwork from the post (Weirdly) and then in the player shows the RSS image
Podbean Player App (Android):  Main show artwork.  No episode artwork shown.
Himalaya (Android and IOS):  RSS image shown
Spreaker Player App: (Android and IOS):  RSS Image Shown
Google Podcasts (Android and Web): Main podcast Image Shown everywhere. No Episode image
Pocket Casts (Android, IOS, Web):  Main Podcast Image shown.  Strangely, it does show featured image posted in the post as well but only the main image in the player.
Podcast Republic (Android):  RSS image shown
Podcast Addict (Android):  RSS image shown.  Also image from the body of the post shown.
Beyond Pod (Android):  Featured image shown in the episode list and the main podcast image shown in the player
Overcast (IOS):  ID3 tag image shown in the player, if you click show image in the shownotes, the featured image will show
Updated! Spotify (IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web): RSS image on all when playing the episode  *** Also RSS image in the embedded player form Spotify (Thanks James!)
Stitcher (IOS, Android, Web):  Only the main image shows everywhere
Tunein Radio (IOS, Android, Web):  REALLY Old main image only (they didn’t update my image for over a year!)
Pandora (IOS, Android, Web): RSS image shown
iHeart Radio (IOS, Android, Web):  Main artwork shows everywhere
Deezer (IOS, Android, Web):  Main artwork shows everywhere
Skipcast (IOS):   Main artwork shows everywhere
CastBox (IOS, Android):  Featured image in post shows everywhere
Blubrry Directory (Web):  Main Image only Directory: (Web):  Main image only
New! iCatcher (IOS): Uses the Main image for streaming but the ID3 image for downloaded episodes.  (Thanks Jeremy!)
New! Player.FM (IOS, Android): Uses RSS image in the player and the featured image in the listing for the episode (Thanks Michael!)
New! (web):  Uses RSS image in the player and the featured image in the listing for the episode. (Thanks Dave!)

If you have seen anything different than this list or have another player I didn’t list, let me know.

Bottom line.   If you are going to put in an episode image.  The best places to do that is in the post (featured image or the first image in the post) and the RSS (iTunes) image at the episode level.   ID3 tag image only shows up in 2 places.   Overcast and “iTunes” desktop (which is dead other than windows and older mac OS).  Maybe still worth doing in the ID3 if it’s not too much work.

Episode Artwork Test – Revisited – PHD129 (repost)

In today’s episode I am testing what episode artwork shows up in which apps and directories again.   Things are changing and I want to see what apps show which artowrk.


I have an RSS image for this episode with blue type, an ID3 tag image with Green Type and the normal orange type from my logo in the main show level artwork.


Let me know which one you see.  email

I will report back what I have found.

Indefinite Hiatus Status – PHD128

I am going to leave PodcastHelpDesk active.  Just going on ‘indefinite Hiatus”  or “once in a while” mode.    So no expectations of an episode every week or even every month, but I will put stuff in this feed once in a while.    Stay subscribed!

Thank to everyone that contacted me and your thoughts and suggestions were appreciated!

You will always be able to find me at and 

Podcasting Crossroads – PHD127

Looking for some help here.  What do you think I should do with this podcast?   I am not consistent (as you can tell) and I want to pair down the number of shows I feel obligated to do.

Should I leave it online and just let it podfade and exist?  Or should I kill it and erase it’s existence? Let me know,

I will continue to do Mike Dell’s World ( but as for the rest of the shows, I don’t think so.   (Of course, will continue)


Podcasting Ramblings at the end of 2019 – PHD126

What is going to happen to podcasting in 2020? Who knows, but i make some predictions and ramble about podcast topics at random in this informal Podcast Help Desk episode.

Catch me on Evo’s Podcast Pontifications as the Guest-host.

Use my promo code at for a free month.

Catch you next year!

Putting all your eggs in one basket – PHD125

This is typed into the Post Content box in WordPress ***

Please let me know what you see above this line in the “show notes”, “Episode notes” or “Description” on your app and what app you are listening on.

This should be a live link 

Today I talk about Anchor, Spotify and if they are “bad” or good, and if it’s good to have one dominant platform that people listen on.   You should promote your own website for your podcast and give everyone links to the platforms you are on from there. Do not send people to a particular platform.