ATR 2100 fails me again :(

I really want to love the ATR2100 by Audio Techinca that everyone says is the “Best Podcast Microphone” for beginners.  I would think so too if I haven’t had so much trouble with mine letting me down.

For the second time, I’m in the field, wanting to do a podcast recording.  I grab my ATR, the XLR cable and my portable recorder.  No audio 🙁   I didn’t bring a backup mic so I had to use the built-in Mics on the recorder and they suck.   Strike two!   My XM8500 mics never give me this trouble.  So I’ve replaced my ATR2100 with the Behringer XM8500 (which you can have for around $20 and is bullet proof).  It doesn’t have USB but I’ve never used the USB on a mic anyway.

Anyway, I’m going to send it into A/T for another “lifetime warranty” repair/replacement and when it gets back, I’m selling it.  Want a freshly repaired AT2100?  Let me know.


I talk about it a bit on my last Mike Dell’s World Episode.