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“The Trolls have won – TWIT Network stops live streaming and Chatroom. The shows will be streamed after they are edited instead of live. TWIT will still do live specials. The behind the scenes at the TWIT Brickhouse Studio will no longer be streamed or shown at all.

TWiT To Shutter Chatroom as part of Live Format Change

Apple shuts down for iTunes podcast support. They are now directing you to for support.

“Dear Podcast Provider,

The email is now closed.

Please direct all inquiries to for
questions and concerns about your podcasts on the iTunes Store.


The iTunes Podcast Team”

The link goes to a Zendesk page. Zendesk is a support ticketing system. Hopefully they will be more responsive.


USB Mic Question from Andrew from Creative Writer’s Toolbelt at

Q: Here’ a problem I’ve been having for months, and I suspect others do too. I have a PC, and I use this with a Rode Podcaster mic and Audacity to record my podcasts. I connect the mic via USB on my new Dell – so I think it’s a USB3 connection.

Most of the time my mic works really well, and the PC always shows that it’s connected. Then suddenly the mic seems to stop picking up sound, or it will pick it up faintly. Everything is still showing as connected, and if I wait a while / disconnect and reconnect everything it all starts working again – for no apparent reason. When my Rode mic stops working, other mics like the one on my $10 gaming headset and mic are still working fine.

I had the same problem with a Samson mic I bought, and thought the Rode would solve it but I’m guessing it’s a connectivity or sound card issue.

A: I’m not a windows expert by any stretch. What I would do is see if there is a specific driver for your device. Or make sure your USB drivers are up to date.

This might sound funny, but I’ve also heard that if you change which port you have it plugged into, it may help.

Sorry I’m not much more help than that. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer of your device (Rode).



From Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice Inc, Parent company of

“If you do not think the Android platform is important, and those corresponding listeners are not important. Here are three takeaways from the Google I/O conference this morning.

“Eight out of 10 phones that were shipped” last year “were based on Android”

There are over 4,000 distinct devices you see in Android.

Over a billion users each for Android, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, search, Chrome.

Now how are you adding Android listeners? Are you supporting One Click Subscribe on Android? Are you making it easy for Android users to subscribe to your show? If you are scope locked on iTunes I suggest you think about the 8-10 devices sold last year running Android.”

2014 1.2 Billion phones sold Likely 2.5 Billion phones out there in use. Not counting Tablets or Old phones not activated but in use via Wifi.

That means there are nearly 2 billion Android phones! Compare that to IOS phones (iphones) 500 million or so (Numbers not exact)

Mobile Podcast Downloads in May from a pool of 63,152,570
81.4% IOS
14.3 Android
4.3% “other”

1. iPhone 33.5%
2. Podcast for iOS 31.5%
3. Android Mobile 8.7%
4. iPad 7.0%
5. Stitcher for iOS 4.3%
6. Downcast for iOS 3.1%
7. Beyondpod for Android 2.5%