And the winner is… – PHD037

I announce the winner of the Beginner’s podcast rig (Mic, Mixer and Cables)

Question from a listener:

Wayne Brooks – Most of my podcast I listen to on iPhone sound distorted and at a high speed. Is there a setting on my phone or itunes software that I can adjust. Or is it the Broadcaster?

Click the lower left hand side of the screen where it says 1x,2x, 1.5x or .5x speed until it says just 1x speed. It worked and he’s listening to me (and other podcasters) in Normal mode 🙂


Moving from BTR

Paul Kennedy asks a question about moving from Blog Talk Radio:

Audio comment in the show and the answer in the show.


Should I have a link to my RSS feed on my website? Should I even have a website?

Yes and Yes (more details in the show)

Contest winner Announcement:

First, how I made the drawing truly fair. I put all the names/email addresses in random order using

Then I put them back into a spreadsheet in that order and then put the numbers of lines of the spreadsheet into and and did it one more time.

The first name/email address on the random list was the winner.

AND THE WINNER IS: Corey Fineran! Congratulations.

From Corey:

I’m emailing to introduce myself (and to get my name in the drawing a 2nd time). After the introduction, I’ll explain why I’d like to win the mixer and mic.

I’m Corey Fineran and I’ve been podcasting for six years. My main podcast is Ivy Envy, which covers the Chicago Cubs. We were Podcast Awards finalists last year (lost to ESPN). When we started, we basically took our backyard BBQ conversations on the Cubs and put them in podcast form. Over the years, things have changed and we’re now recognized by the Cubs are legitimate media for certain events. We’ve been invited into the front office and been able to interview personnel from players to ownership. Of course, the most important thing we’ve been able to accomplish with Ivy Envy is to form an incredible community of Cubs fans around us. Podcasting has changed our lives through them.

A few years ago, I was able to take my hobby of podcasting and turn it into a career. I am in education and work with special education students and helping them transition from high school to post-high school life, primarily though employment. I pitched the idea of a podcast to my employer and they loved this idea of connecting with high school students through a medium they are familiar with.

I do The QC STEP Podcast in video and it started out just being shown in 14 high schools in our area. Since it started, I’ve been asked to present at conferences around the state of Illinois and now schools all around the state (and some in surrounding states) are using this pre-vocational podcast to educate their students.

The reason I’d love to WIN the mixer and mic is that my wife (Tawny, co-host of Mommy’s Cocktail Hour) have been asked to teach classes on podcasting at a local public library. One of the classes will be geared towards teenagers and the library would like to set up a podcast studio for public use, so teenagers can have podcasts and record them at the library and not have to buy the equipment for themselves. Obviously, I don’t need the mixer for myself, but I would love to donate it to help raise up the next generation of podcasters.

Thanks for the podcast and I’ll have my fingers crossed when I listen to the winner being announced on your next episode!

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