About Me

I am a Geek, Early Adopter, Ham Radio guy, Broadcaster,Podcast Producer, DJ, Graphics Guy, Web guy, Ex-USAF, Aviation Nut,  Husband, Gun Nut, Banjo Picker(attempted), Tuba Player and all around good guy. I live in God’s country, Otherwise known as Traverse City Michigan USA with my wife Kathy. We have a cat and a Beagle and love living along the shores of East Grand Traverse Bay on Northern Lake Michigan in our 1940’s log cabin.

I am also an Online Technology Coach. I have the ability to explain the most geeky things in plain English (and other languages if I use Google translate 🙂 ). If you are looking for someone to help with something you would like to do online and don’t want the geek-speak, give me a call or check out my resources page. I would be happy to give you a quote and some instruction.


Mike Dell’s World is my blog and podcast from and about Northern Michigan and whatever else comes to mind. This is my Hobby Podcast.

Of course, I do the Podcast Help Desk (but you knew that already)

Books and other writing

I wrote and published FlightRadio – Guide for listening to Aircraft Communications and FlightRadio’s Guide to California Aircraft Frequencies

I’m in the process of writing  The No BS Guide to Podcasting

I am a reporter/editor for Podcaster News and contributing editor for Geek News Central 


I’ve worked in Graphic Arts for over 21 years first at Village Press and then freelance. and for a small print shop in Traverse City. For the last 7 years I have  worked as Tech Support and Sales for RawVoice Inc. (Parent company to Blubrry.com and TechPodcasts.com) Part-time. As of 2016, I am the Customer Support Manager for Blubrry Podcastng full time.