A Conversation With Podcast Pioneer, Victor Cajiao From TerraTech podcast – phd070


Serial season 2 , episode 1 is out. The rumors are true, they are doing the story of Bowe Bergdahl, the US Army Sgt. who was captured by the taliban in 2009 in Afghanistan


I interviewed Victor Cajiao (Caa Hee Ow) — @victorcajiao

Victor has been podcasting since 2005 but took a hiatus for 3 years and is back with a new show. http://www.terratech.tech/ We talk about the good old days of podcasting, some current things Victor sees as changes in the space. It was a great conversation! Great catching up with some of the pioneers of podcasting, and Victor in particular!

Some of Victor’s past shows were:
Typical PC User
Typical Mac user
Typical Shutterbug
Adventures in Immigration


More News

Blubrry and Live365 announce Podcast2Radio

See the Blubrry Test station here: (PHD is one of the podcasts on it) http://www.live365.com/stations/blubrry Check out how you can get your own station at http://blubrry.FM


Blubrry tips of the week

Can you use Squarespace with blubrry hosting / Stats?

Victor, who we just talked to uses Squarespace for his website, terratech.tech. He sent me these instructions on how to use blubrry hosting with a squarespace website.

1. Select the audio block from your post

2. In the audio block select “External” and put in the Blubbry URL you get from the Blubbry website after uploading your file there.

3. Put in the podcasting information on the Podcasting tab, for iTunes, medatadata etc

THAT’s IT , it works for me and I get stats from the Blubrry website.


WordPress 4.4 update broke PowerPress – New update for PowerPress is out to fix the problem. The issue was with how WordPress dealt with feed titles. They would show as blank. Please update both WordPress AND PowerPress if you haven’t already. Also, if you updated PowerPress and not WordPress (and were using feature episode or FeedMaximizer) , you could have run into the same problem. The latest version of PowerPress is 6.2.3 (released Thursday right after releasing 6.2.2 on Wednesday) If you are using the latest PowerPress then you are OK using an earlier version of WordPress, but why would you? Update to 4.4!


Just a little more News

Gimlet Media takes $6 Million in an “A” round of funding http://www.niemanlab.org/2015/12/hot-pod-panoplys-parent-company-takes-a-stake-in-gimlet-media/

Even the best get hacked – WPEngine users continentals were leaked.


I just want to clarify, from last weeks show, when I say promote your own site, I don’t mean don’t be on other platforms, I mean point everyone back to your site and link from there. Be everywhere you can, just point everyone back to your site in your podcast and anywhere you promote.

Thanks for listening and supporting the show!