8 Things YOU Need To Know (or learn) About YOUR Podcast – PHD146

There are many things about a podcast that a podcaster needs to know even if you don’t do everything for your show.  A lot of indie podcasters do everything.  Prep, Talent, Recording, Editing, Producing, Publishing, Booking guests and ALL of it.  Some only do the parts of it.  Sometimes it’s a whole team.  BUT, YOU as the owner of your show, need to know some things no matter if you do them or not.

Here is my checklist of things I suggest you Know or Learn about your show so that you are able to take care of what needs to be taken care of if something goes wrong.

  1. RSS feed address. The WHOLE address.
  2. The Title of your show as it appears in the directories.  This may seem silly, but sometimes people call a show by a shortened name or a ‘nickname’ of sorts. It’s always good to KNOW the title.
  3. The email address for the feed.
  4. Apple Podcasts listing URL (mainly the ID# at the end)
  5. Where is the website hosted.  (and address)
  6. Where is the Podcast Media hosted.
  7. Logins to Website, Media Host, Web Host, Apple Podcasts and any other logins to manage listings on directories and apps,
  8. Media Encoding (This is a little geeky but it will help if you need to hire an editor)