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6 things to Uncomplicate your podcasting

1. Organize your episode show prep
2. Once you have your recording setup figured out check it off the list
3. Once you have your RSS feed / website set up, check it off the list
4. Don’t try to game the system. Just make sure you have great content and market it normally. No need to worry about things like N&N or review snapping.
5. Once you have a workflow that works for you, stick to it.
6. Have Fun. If it’s a struggle, you won’t want to stick to it.


Danny Stern (no relation to Howard) and the Art Dealer Show


Blubrry Tip

New player is here!

To use the new blubrry player, you have to be a blubrry hosting customer (my promo code is HELPDESK for a free month).

For the time being, to use the player you have to do it as an embed.
Post your episode as normal.

Let your blubrry listing update (normally a couple of hours or less)

Go into Podcaster Dashboard at blubrry.com and go to “manage episdoes”

In there you will see “get embed” by the episode you want the player for.
Copy that link

Paste that link into your site.

If you are using PowerPress, enable the media embed box in the basic settings. You will then have a box to paste the embed code in your podcast episode box in WordPress posts.


I will be hosting Geek News Central on Friday April 15th. Come check me out doing someone else’s show 🙂 Should be a good time!


New PHD Slack group

I’m starting a listener slack group. It’s going to be kind of a free (yes free) mastermind group. I’m going to limit the number of people in it to 10 (plus me) for now. If you would be interested in joining, email me PodcastHelpDesk@gmail.com and I will send you an invite. It will be a way to interact with me and fellow podcasters that listen to my show. Should be an interesting experiment.