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From last week…

Update on the Scammy Spammy podcasting service I wouldn’t name. Well I’m naming it this week. Audello. The service doesn’t seem unreasonable other than the price, but the claims the marketing of it makes, just make me feel icky. Dave Jackson did a video review of Audello and he had not much good to say about it. ALMOST everything they claim the software does can be done with a little learning for FREE. Sometimes paying to save time isn’t a bad thing. But with Podcasting, it’s really not THAT hard and it’s worth putting the time in for more reasons than just saving money.

I’ve been around the internet for a long time. Before the web in fact, and I’ve seen scams come and scams go. Internet marketers, as a rule, can get sucked into promoting something that isn’t the best because it offers the best commissions. I think you are going to see a lot of that coming soon.

My rules for internet marketing pitches are this:

1. If the checkout system they use is Clickbank, 9 times out of 10 it’s not worth your time or money. (Audello is through clickbank)
2. If the price ends with a 7, it’s likely not worth it. (Audello is normally $297 “on sale” for $197)
3.If they have a time limit before the price goes up, it’s not worth it. (Audello’s price WAS reported to go up in 3 days, 1 day, several hours and it changes every time you go to the site. It’s now $297 with an add-on $97 commercial license)
4. If there is a video on every page with a british voiceover, it makes me think scam. (see audello’s video marketing)

I’m not saying that audello is a scam, but it sure isn’t the deal that you are going to hear all the hype about. Just be careful. You could spend that $400 on something MUCH more useful for your podasting adventure such as a New Mic, Mixer, Recorder, Proper hosting or some cool artwork.



Last week I talked about the Auphonic leveler web service (auphonic.com). Last episode was “leveled and processed” with it. This week I’m trying out the desktop software. This *may* be a better deal. It’s $89 (notice no 7) and $399 for a commercial license. (they define a commercial license is for people or companies that make more than $20,000 directly from their processed audio) Most podcasters can get away with the $89 license.

I will let you know if I buy the desktop license or I sign up for a monthly plan for the web service. I’m leaning toward the web license for now.


What’s in a Name? (or title)

Back in the olden days of podcasting everyone put the show number in their title. I’ve been doing some thinking and even though I did this myself for as long as I’ve been podcasting, I’m changing it up.

I will continue to put my show number in the title, but I’m putting it at the end. You might notice, if you are looking at my feed, that I renamed all of my episodes to that format. Subject first then the podcast episode number. I’m still going to name them with the show number. This helps me keep them straight on my computer and on my server (and stats).


WordPress Default Theme 2014 – My 5 reasons to use it over custom themes.

1. It’s FREE! We know that free isn’t always good, but in this case, it works.
2. Most plugins are tested against the default themes in WordPress. This means you are less likely to have issues with plugins. Powerpress is tested against 2014 first. When troubleshooting issues (if you have them) it’s one less thing that could be the cause. I would say about 25% of the support calls I get due to feed issues, it’s the custom theme someone is using that caused the problem. It’s a lot like the reason to use mp3 instead of m4a for your audio files. m4a will work, but it can cause problems for some users.
3. It looks good, it is “Responsive” and it’s simple. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
4. It’s customizable enough. With some tricks using the header image, you can get it to look very custom.